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The organization’s Safety and Security, Public Safety functions will have the heavy burden of protecting resources in such hostile environments
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pleasant to deal with Although the delivery date was delayed due to factory issues, when Ian made the
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The fact that one has to offer such proof is part of what our lawsuit challenges
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opposition from Congress was creating deep complications and a failed vote would weaken the standing
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Somehow, we missed the worst of these
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Carvalho emphasized that investment in agriculture should be a top priority
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If you’re going to look at yoghurt – if you’re on a budget, try and find someone with a good culture and make your own – then it becomes very reasonable
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et, dans ses yeux clairs, un trouble reparut, l'étonnement inquiet de cette peinture brutale De loin,
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My father, who was Scoutmaster for my three older brothers (All Eagle Scouts,) was my ASM but being in his 60s, wasn’t able to do everything.